Hi there! Surway is still in beta, so there might be some bugs. We kindly ask for your help in reporting them so we can fix them. Thank you for your support!

Surway, the first survey sharing platform

Do you need answers to your survey, but can't find enough people to provide them? Here's the solution to your problem. With Surway, you can have all the answers you want! With just a few clicks, gathering information is at your fingertips.

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Create your survey with Google Form, share it on Surway, and start getting responses from other users!

Publish your survey created with Google Form on Surway, so all users can view and complete it.

Earn Ticks by completing surveys from other users. With Ticks, you can publish more surveys or boost the ones you've already published.

Give and get answers within a collaborative platform that offers benefits to every user: the more you answer, the more responses you'll get.

How does Surway work?


Create your survey on Google Forms just as you would normally. Don't worry, we support almost all Google Forms features! For more precise information on unsupported features, check out our F.A.Q.


Share the survey within Surway, choose the number of responses you want to get and the maximum visibility time of your survey. Now all you have to do is wait for other community users to respond!


By completing surveys from other users, you'll earn Ticks, our currency, which you can spend to publish more surveys or boost the ones you've already published.

All this, and much more,
at zero cost!

Our only currency is Ticks.
Ticks are obtained by responding to surveys uploaded by other members. The more Ticks you get, the more visibility you can give to your surveys!

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Give a boost to your surveys!

By boosting your survey, you bring them to the top of the list and extend their duration for one month. For just 200 Ticks, you'll get the answers you're looking for in no time!

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A project born out of a real need, and now aiming for the future!

The best tool for analyzing community needs is the survey.
Usually this has a significant cost, but with Surway you can achieve your goal for free, based only on a growing community of people with the same need. On Surway anyone can get the answers they're looking for at no cost and contribute to the research of other users, and who knows, maybe even discover some promising projects in the meantime! Sharing within the community is a guarantee of reliability and truth, collaboration is the foundation of everything!

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Discover the team that founded the community!

The team is composed of a group of young Italian startuppers with the need to validate their ideas. And to do this they had another idea: Surway.
The idea stems from the fundamental need of those who want to launch a new entrepreneurial project, an innovative product or a market analysis: the validation of their own idea.

Want to know more about our team?
Discover the faces behind this project... you'll find out we're not that different from you 😉

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The first 100 subscribers will receive 100 Ticks as a gift... hurry up, and you'll have your first survey up in no time!